Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hair Trend: Undercut

Remember when Chanel and Margueritte introduced tailored suits and Comme des Garçons? And how androgeny has been a favorite look in the models? Lately, a new approach to androgeny has taken place... in HAIR! This past couple of months, I've been contemplating to try to get an undercut. I was thinking of growing my hair long before shaving my sides, like Anya Aeyoung Chee. But I couldn't wait two years to have this edgy look. So! I finally got the courage to shave one side of my head and get steps!  

 Cassie with graphic steps and Alice Dellal with just a plain undercut

Anya Ayoung-Chee in the designers apartment
Anya Aeyoung Chee with both sides shaved and a simple step

Me with my one side undercut and two steps

I'm actually enjoying this new androgenous look.

Hair done by my friend Aika. Check out her BLOG for more hair ideas and her contact information if you need a cut.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer!

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