Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rockin' that Bob

I'm excited for next month's issue of Harper's Bazaar with a full spread of Emma Watson on some pretty, detailed dresses of the likes of Emilio Pucci, De la Renta and Louis V. She was asked to wear a bob to give her an edgier mod look to match the femininity of the dresses.

Emma Watson: Harper's Bazaar August 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something outside of the heat.

I know this artist is a little bit too outside from Las Vegas, but her artwork is inspirational. Her inked drawings/sketches matched with a hint of vibrant water colors give it more interesting images for viewers to see. In her artwork, she mentioned that she lets an object inspire her and kind of let it transform itself on paper the way it wants to be drawn. Hence, it looks like Rorschach inkblot tests that lets the lookers see different things. I think it's a pretty magical artwork on a piece of paper. She was interviewd by Free People about her process of painting. Read it here.

Lital Gold images


2 (1)
5 (1)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jacuzzi Hi Dive

Last night, we went to a mini-show by Las Vegas' very own Jacuzzi Hi Dive. They have been touring this past year and I first saw them play at the Las Vegas Beauty Bar and their tune really caught my attention, or in this case my ears. Then I caught them at the 2010 Culture Collide in Los Angeles. The vocalist's energy is amazingly high during the show and her voice reminds me of 80's music with the indie & pop-punk twist. I took a mini-clip at the mini-show to kind of show my point. And oh! I really like her sequined dress. She, as well as their music and energy, inspired me of new designs. I was day dreaming of what she would be wearing on their shows next time. Oh how I wish to be her stylist! :)

For more of their songs to to dance to & to download for FREE!! click here. Don't forget to download Control, one of my fave songs.

I am really loving her style! :)

Also, my boyfriend and his partner did their flyers for their Night Creature tour, so check them out if you see they're coming in to your town!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Free People introduces Vegan Leather

I just recently read the great news from Free People! VEGAN LEATHER!! I am not really a big fan of synthetic materials, but I do admit, these materials are way more affordable than a 100% cashmere scarf. And I've always supported the anti-fur and leather community (well, exemptions are the amazing, handcrafted, high-end leather purses like Balenciaga), and I'm excited that Free People is introducing their eco-friendly Vegan Leather Line!

So, here are couple of pictures of leather skirts and shorts from the Free People Blog. So for the Las Vegas shoppers, be ready to splurge on more Free People stuff this fall, for they are finally opening a store here at the Fashion Show Mall! Be rest assure, I will be there soon as they cut the ribbon! :)

I love how they mix something soft and flowy with something hard and edgy, and black.

For more of the blog and the VIDEO! Click on the link below.
Vegan Leather Makes its Free People Debut

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kate Winslet for St. John

I've always been the clashing prints and complementary colors type of girls, those stiff, tailored cuts edged with a hint of punk rock. But I've got to admit, I sometimes have the likes for classic, all-American sweetheart simple look. When I found out about Kate Winslet modelling for St. John, I was excited to google the pictures right away to see more. Kate Winslet is the perfect face for St. John, just as Audrey Tautou was for Chanel. She's very elegant and her body perfectly portrays the aristocratic beauty of St. John's silhouettes. So, here's the sneak peek of the upcoming St. John ads.. Don't forget to check out St. John's website for more ad photos from previous seasons. (I cannot wait until they post up their Kate Winslet ads, no more black and white for them. And as a fashion marketing major, I'm dying to see the final results!! no more sneak peeks! and oh! I am in awe how she ages so well!)

Kate Winslet's St. John Ad - FIRST LOOK!

PIC: Kate Winslet Stuns as New Face of St. John
PIC: Kate Winslet Stuns as New Face of St. John

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Stylin': Stripes and Pin Stripes

Today is raining here, oddly enough, but i went through my weekly looks and this was my fave for this week. Found my old Banana Republic pin striped bottom-down shirt. I love the tailored cuts of the top and how the sleeves accentuate my shoulders, giving it an edgier look for the office. I'm matching the pin stripes with more horizontal stripes on my shorts, showing how opposites attract.

This art deco ring is by BCBG, scored it for $20!

I love this double buckle belt.


So last night, the old El Cortez Hotel in downtown Las Vegas hosted the VEGAS STREATS, where all food/grease trucks around town come together in the hotel parking lot to serve their goodies. There were also live art, loud music and street vendors of some cute accessories. I got to check out some of the Gyspy Den's vintage military coats, lace and knitted tops for some. I wasn't able to take pictures of those outfits but I'll feature the Gypsy Den some other time. It's one of my favorite vintage shops here in Vegas. Very bohemian. Ok, moving on... here are couple pictures I took last night. Didn't get to take a lot of good photos since all I had was my phone.

This was the dance floor! Look at all those locals dancing!

This was one of my favorite food trucks.. FUKUBURGER!! Their burgers were greasy but amazingly good! They have this special secret sauce they serve in all of their burgers and fries. The Chicken Katsu burger is the best! crunchy nomnomnom. You can follow them here to find out where they'll be for some good hearty burgers.

Didn't get to try this bbq on wheels, but it's in my to eat list next time!

There were a lot of cute looks for this humid night, but this guy pulled off one of my favorite guy looks! thumbs up! And the girlfriend's a-symmetrical floral dress was perfect for this hot weather. Cute!

Ps, to visitors, if you're planning to go to this event, bring cash! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cosmic Beauty

Back in fall last year, a friend and I went to a Vegas traditional local art event, First Friday, and found ourselves falling in love with two local jewelry designers of Steampunk Accessories who created beautiful accessories with intricate Victorian details of bugs, robots, octopuses and owls.

 Brass Bee Cufflinks

These two geniuses talked to us about how they molded each item by hands and using old broken wrist watches from the Philippines! to create robotic arachnid jewelries that seem to be in motion.

Steampunk Necklace Gothic Flying Insect

They have other accessories like flasks, robot cluff links and owl headed Victorian model on cigarette holders.
Robot Cufflinks Our Original Design Were Featured In Real Simple Magazine

Owl Girl Necklace                                                   Steampunk Flask Octopus LARGE Size Holds 8 oz

They might be a little pricey for something small, but with amazing rings in motion like these? Every penny's worth it!

More Steampunk Accessories click here.