Friday, May 4, 2012

DIY: Chained Floral Collar

Obsessing over collars as a statement accessory this trend, I created another collar using left overs from the blue bloom bustier top designed for dknstrkt and some bronze chains.

How to do it?


1. cotton fabric (2 kinds: 1 for the actual collar; 1 for lining)
2. ribbon / chiffon hems
3. paper for pattern
4. scissors (regular or rotary cutter)
5. plies
6. chains
7. fusible interface (optoinal)


1. create a pattern based on a basic top neckline.

2. Use the pattern to cut your collar fabric, lining (& the interface) by folding the fabric in half then pin the pattern on the fabric. You can use a rotary cutter or a regular pair of scissors to cut out the pieces.

3. Sew the middle ends of the collar together.

4. If you're using an interface, fuse it on the lining first then fuse together with the collar. Instructions how to fuse the interface are usually included in the package. This is optional, but it will keep the collar from folding in since it stiffens the fabric. I used the Wonder Under Fusible Interface from Jo-anns.

**If you don't want to use an interface, just sew the lining and the collar together using step 5 & 6.

5. You are now read to sew the ends of the collar. I use the widest stitch, which is stitch 5.

6. Sew the ends by placing the edge of the fabric halfway in to the stitch. So the right side of the stitch won't touch the fabric, but the the left side of the stitch will be stitched.

7. Stitch all the way around and it should look like this. I like a little pop of color to frame the collar.

8. Pin the ribbons. I used the hems of another chiffon maxi dress that I have previously altered just to recycle and make it easy for me since I don't have to create another one.

9. Then sew them together. For this, I just used a regular running stitch to sew the ribbon to the collar.

10. It will now look like this. Your collar is now done!

11. Now time for the accent chains! The chains I bought from Walmart came with the tiny rings to easily attach to the collar and helps the chains move freely later on.

12. First measure the chains on how long you want them to hang on the collar. I measured 4 12" short chains and 2 16" long chains. I used the plies to cut them and insert them on to the rings. Insert both ends of the chains in to the rings then seal the rings.

13. Then lay them out evenly next to the collar to give yourself an idea where you want them placed. I place them as short-long-short on each collar for style. You could also do long-short-short, having the long chains placed on the outer area of each collar, and the short chains laid inwards, towards the middle of the collar.

14. Sew the rings on to the collar. Make sure that the rings are completely sealed or the thin thread will just keep slipping out. (Happened to me couple times.)

15. Just keep doing this all through out the rings.

16. Cut the chains in halves, so you'll end up with a pair of chains on each ring.

17. Now for the finished product!

Voila! I can't wait to put this on with my altered cascade top.