Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jacuzzi Hi Dive

Last night, we went to a mini-show by Las Vegas' very own Jacuzzi Hi Dive. They have been touring this past year and I first saw them play at the Las Vegas Beauty Bar and their tune really caught my attention, or in this case my ears. Then I caught them at the 2010 Culture Collide in Los Angeles. The vocalist's energy is amazingly high during the show and her voice reminds me of 80's music with the indie & pop-punk twist. I took a mini-clip at the mini-show to kind of show my point. And oh! I really like her sequined dress. She, as well as their music and energy, inspired me of new designs. I was day dreaming of what she would be wearing on their shows next time. Oh how I wish to be her stylist! :)

For more of their songs to to dance to & to download for FREE!! click here. Don't forget to download Control, one of my fave songs.

I am really loving her style! :)

Also, my boyfriend and his partner did their flyers for their Night Creature tour, so check them out if you see they're coming in to your town!

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