Sunday, July 10, 2011


So last night, the old El Cortez Hotel in downtown Las Vegas hosted the VEGAS STREATS, where all food/grease trucks around town come together in the hotel parking lot to serve their goodies. There were also live art, loud music and street vendors of some cute accessories. I got to check out some of the Gyspy Den's vintage military coats, lace and knitted tops for some. I wasn't able to take pictures of those outfits but I'll feature the Gypsy Den some other time. It's one of my favorite vintage shops here in Vegas. Very bohemian. Ok, moving on... here are couple pictures I took last night. Didn't get to take a lot of good photos since all I had was my phone.

This was the dance floor! Look at all those locals dancing!

This was one of my favorite food trucks.. FUKUBURGER!! Their burgers were greasy but amazingly good! They have this special secret sauce they serve in all of their burgers and fries. The Chicken Katsu burger is the best! crunchy nomnomnom. You can follow them here to find out where they'll be for some good hearty burgers.

Didn't get to try this bbq on wheels, but it's in my to eat list next time!

There were a lot of cute looks for this humid night, but this guy pulled off one of my favorite guy looks! thumbs up! And the girlfriend's a-symmetrical floral dress was perfect for this hot weather. Cute!

Ps, to visitors, if you're planning to go to this event, bring cash! :)

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