Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kate Winslet for St. John

I've always been the clashing prints and complementary colors type of girls, those stiff, tailored cuts edged with a hint of punk rock. But I've got to admit, I sometimes have the likes for classic, all-American sweetheart simple look. When I found out about Kate Winslet modelling for St. John, I was excited to google the pictures right away to see more. Kate Winslet is the perfect face for St. John, just as Audrey Tautou was for Chanel. She's very elegant and her body perfectly portrays the aristocratic beauty of St. John's silhouettes. So, here's the sneak peek of the upcoming St. John ads.. Don't forget to check out St. John's website for more ad photos from previous seasons. (I cannot wait until they post up their Kate Winslet ads, no more black and white for them. And as a fashion marketing major, I'm dying to see the final results!! no more sneak peeks! and oh! I am in awe how she ages so well!)

Kate Winslet's St. John Ad - FIRST LOOK!

PIC: Kate Winslet Stuns as New Face of St. John
PIC: Kate Winslet Stuns as New Face of St. John

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