Friday, January 27, 2012

Something NEW

I'm excited to finally have a new blog header and logo. I asked two of my dear friends who are creatively amazing in graphics to help me create a quirky, clashing look for Lint & Feathers. They both have no idea that I have asked one another and they've never met, it's interesting how they both gave me unified studies of what they thought of me. With two different heads clashed in to one, voilĂ ! A new puck rock look! It brings me back to my childhood of punk and it's perfect to define how my style have changed over the years of contradiction in to which punk rock meets bold sharp look.

 Inspired by vintage photos, The Clash, Terry Richardson & McQueen.
(Designed by: Mel Garcia)

Inspired by words of: simple, minimal, quirky, edgy & elegant
(Designed by: Jem Bernaldez. Works)

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